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I didn't want to write this letter. After Tony's , I thought I wouldn't have to write something like this ever again. Especi...

I didn't want to write this letter. After Tony's, I thought I wouldn't have to write something like this ever again. Especially for you. Abby, you should be there forever. The S from NCIS is no longer Service. It's Sciuto and it has been for quite some time now. You're the spirit of that agency. How is it gonna be without your smiles, the scolding on those who dealt with your equipment wrongly, the hugs? How is it gonna be without "Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs", without any electronic music blasting from your lab or Bert, the hippo? I don't want to believe.

I swear I tried to do you justice, but I don't know how. For DiNozzo, I managed to put some words together, but I can't do the same now. I postponed this as long as I could simply because I'm not ready to say goodbye. I'm not ready to say goodbye to 15 years of the happiest goth on the face of Earth, who has the most beautiful car and an incredible sense of style. I don't want to say goodbye.

I keep thinking about all the funny moments you've spent at the agency. Every flip at the lab, dance, strong hugs on Tony every time he was hurt... The decorations for every special occasion, the Marilyn Monroe costume... And now all those moments that brought me smiles, make me wanna cry. Because you're not gonna be there anymore. You won't be able to do any of those things again.

Yes, I'm being extremely selfish right now. I should say that you deserve all the happiness of the world, that moving on is something that everyone should do and I really wish this for you. Only unicorns, rainbows, hippos, skulls and everything else. But I can't help thinking that I wanted you to stay longer. It feels like those 15 years were too little. They weren't enough to see the grandiosity of Abby Sciuto, the best forensic scientist the world has ever seen.

A lot of things change with time, but you have always been a constant. You were always there, working with McGee, messing up with him, being a dear in each and every moment, even after that weird affair you two had a long time ago. McAbby was a true gift given to the humanity and now it's gonna be a little tough just seeing Mc. But I'm sure you'll always be there. The same way that has been happening with Tony, everyone will always talk about you. Mainly because you're McTwins' godmother and, if I'm correct, Baby Victoria's too. You're the best person in the universe.

You have always been an angel with everybody. You became friends with Tony and Ducky way before I met you. And it has always been a delight to watch a frienship based on truth, humor, and patience. With Kate was immediate: you wanted another woman on the team and got the best present possible. With Ziva, it took a little while but after you became friends, no one could get in the middle. Bishop, Quinn, and Sloane were too quick to conquer a bit of your heart. Or the other way around, because, as Ellie said, "everybody wants to have her as a sister".

You and Jimmy became friends because of how peculiar you both were and because of the mutual patience hearing the never-ending tales of Doctor Mallard. Vance thought you were a bit odd at the beginning, but he considers you a lot, especially after all the help with Kayla after Jackie's death. Reeves was your renaissance man, a charm that quickly made his way into your heart (just like into everybody's else, to be honest). Nick took a while to accept that he was a part of the family, but it was because of you that the acceptance came. You changed every single one of those lives and of all the others who got inside that agency. But I think no one's life was as affected by your presence as Gibbs'.

I know that recently things have been different, but there's no denying that Gabby was the main relationship on NCIS. You were the first person he considered a daughter after the loss of Kelly, so you understand how much you mean to him. And I know he meant a lot for you too, especially because you trusted on him like he was a father to you. His main concern was to protect you, always. From Ari, your stalker, the bomb that Harper Dearing planted on the Navy Yard and even from yourself. But you would always worry about him too, trying to protect him from every bad thing that happened. His priority was that you would return home, safe and sound, every single day. Even if it caused some sort of damage on himself. He learned how to speak sign language for you, spent a lot on Caf-POW and kept the fortune cookie message you gave him the first time you two met. You're the most important person for him and I'm positive that you know it. You have this effect on people. It's one of the best qualities you have: everyone wants to buy the world just to make you safe and happy.

Abigail Beethoven Sciuto, you're an angel sent to light the Earth up. A person so good, so pure, so lovely. That even at life's toughest challenges, never stopped smiling and believing in the goodness of life. I'd rather believe that I'm not saying goodbye, but just saying a "see you soon". That you'll show up, being the cutest goth in the world, with you wonderful parasol and your pig-tales on point. Thank you, for everything. Mainly for being my biggest inspiration. I would've never studied what I study now if it wasn't for you. So thank you very much. I owe you a lot.

See you soon, my angel.
I love you.

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